Tranen was founded in Perth in 1992 as an engineering consulting company. In 2002 our primary focus shifted to the three “r’s”; revegetating, rehabilitating, and restoring natural ecosystems around the south-west of Australia. We then adopted the trading name Tranen Revegetation Systems, and later Tranen Revegetation Southwest, when we opened our Busselton branch in 2011.

Most revegetation projects have the ultimate aim of restoring a site to its original condition. However, due to highly disturbed and modified landscapes, climate change, cost and time pressures, and other factors, complete restoration is sometimes not a realistic, or practical goal. Regardless, Tranen endeavours to design and deliver the best possible outcomes for the natural environment, based on the site conditions, and project constraints provided.

Three other “r”s that are of prime importance to us are relationships, results, and research: