AK Reserve Revegetation


  • Client:Department of Finance - Building Management & Works
  • Locality:City of Nedlands
  • Summary:In 2008 Tranen was contracted to revegetate 3.8 ha of degraded land on AK Reserve as part of the development of new sporting facilities on the site. Over 15,000 seedlings were planted and the project was delivered on time and on budget.


AK Reserve

AK Reserve


AK reserve before revegetation

Before revegetation

The Brief

In 2008 Tranen was awarded a contract for revegetation of 3.76 ha on AK Reserve surrounding a new basketball stadium and athletics facilities  being constructed on the site.

AK reserve after revegetation

After revegetation

Constraints & Issues

  • An extensive canopy was established over the site, creating competition for light, water, and nutrients.
  • All of the understorey was dominated by weeds, and there were some weed trees that needed to be removed.

Our Management Approach

The project included the preparation of a management plan from which the management strategy was derived, comprised of:

  • Provenance seed collection;
  • Topsoil scalping to a depth of 50 mm;
  • Installation of 15,000 seedlings and direct seeding;
  • A monitoring program; and
  • Ongoing weed control and infill seedling planting.

The Outcome

  • At the time of handover, weed cover had been reduced from almost 100% to less than 5%.
  • Native plant cover and diversity had been greatly increased to meet the targets.
  • Project outcomes delivered on time and on budget.