Helena Valley Revegetation


  • Client:Builton Group
  • Locality:Shire of Mundaring
  • Summary:Tranen prepared and then implmented a Revegetation Plan for a site in Helena Valley containing a creek, floodplain, and upland areas. 48,000 seedlings were planted over two years and direct seeding was also undertaken initially. Project successfully completed on time and 5% under budget.


Helena Valley

Helena Valley


Helena Valley before revegetation

Before revegetation

The Brief

In March 2010 Tranen was commissioned to prepare a Revegetation Plan for the Public Open Space (POS) at lot 206 Helena Valley Road, Helena Valley. This plan was written with the objective of reinstating the degraded POS to protect and enhance the scattered remnant vegetation.

In 2011 Tranen was awarded with the implementation of the plan, and revegetation activities began in 2012.

Helena Valley after revegetation

After revegetation

Constraints & Issues

  • The area consists of three zones of different landscape profile and vegetation system:
    Kardina Brook – a shallow brook that flows north through the POS;
    Floodplain – low lying areas outside of the brook that appear to be seasonally inundated; and
    Upland zone – dry zone elevated above the floodplain as indicated by variation in remnant species.
  • There was a high cover of weed grasses.
  • Risk of soil erosion was high.
  • Kangaroos were active within and around the site.

Our Management Approach

  • Tranen prepared a unique management strategy for each vegetation zone.
  • Thorough weed control was conducted prior to the beginning of revegetation work, commencing with scalping of the surface to 100 mm after herbicide application to remove dead vegetation and weed seed contained in the topsoil.
  • Native plants were established at high density to replace the function of weeds in erosion control. Careful consideration was taken with species selection to minimize fuel load and the risk of fire  in the nearby housing development.
  • Tree guards were installed in order to minimise the opportunity for kangaroo grazing and to facilitate seedling establishment.

The Outcome

  • The completion criteria were met and the project successfully handed over, with the Kardina Brook revegetation exceeding plant density targets. The POS is now contributing to the healthy functioning of the local ecosystem.
  • The project was completed on time and 5% under budget.