Planning & Design

Tranen has extensive experience in the planning and design of revegetation projects, either heading up the team, or through participation in a larger team of consultants.

We are well aware of the requirements, specifications, and standards of various local, state and federal government institutions with respect to revegetation management and planning. Many of them are our direct clients too, so they have a good understanding of our management practices and capability to deliver quality outcomes.

Tranen’s planning and design capability includes:
• revegetation/rehabilitation plans;
• site-specific weed management plans;
• monitoring and review of existing projects (for compliance or remedial action);
• seed collection programs and productivity assessments;
• material and seedling sourcing; and
• revegetation project management.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) now form a vital part of all aspects of our operations.  All Tranen project managers are trained in the use of these systems.