Tranen advocates that revegetation projects be regularly maintained during the establishment years following installation to ensure that the project will be a success in the short term, and self-sustaining in the longer term.

Maintenance requirements are determined from the results of the monitoring program, and usually include:
follow up weed control;
infill planting and direct seeding to increase plant densities and diversity;
rubbish removal;
erosion management;
pest control;
repair of damage caused by humans, animals or natural events, such as storms;
repair or removal of tree guards; and

It is very important that these activities are incorporated into the revegetation plan, to optimise the outcome, and ensure that all of the project goals are achieved.

Our primary focus is on ultimate results.  We therefore prefer projects where we have full responsibility for the revegetation program from inception through to project completion.  An essential part of this is a suitable monitoring and maintenance program to match all stages of development.