Weed Control

Weeds are most often one of the greatest factors influencing the success of a revegetation program, and the sooner they are managed the better. The first step in any revegetation project is to survey the weed species present and develop and implement an effective weed control program as soon as possible. To do this an understanding of the mechanisms for reproduction and spread of all the weed species encountered is required.

Factors that need to be considered include:
• species present;
• density and distribution across the site;
• invasiveness and potential threat;
• dispersal / reproduction mechanisms;
• key growth, flowering, and seed production periods,;
• site constraints (e.g. proximity to water bodies restricting herbicide use, site access issues, public safety considerations etc.);
• project timing;
• budget; and
• proposed revegetation methodology.

Tranen has extensive experience in weed control by various methods, ranging from physical removal and topsoil management, through to herbicide application.