Seed Bank

Tranen currently maintains a seed bank for storage of its customers’ seeds, under controlled temperature and humidity conditions set for medium term storage. These are kept separate from Tranen’s own commercial seed stocks, and are managed through our internally developed seed bank management system, SeedTracker. To date we have been responsible for the management of over 120 separate client seed banks.

With real-time tracking of all seed bank information in SeedTracker, status reports can be instantly generated. Much like a normal bank account, balances are kept up to date, and reports are easily created in pdf and spreadsheet formats.  Collection / supply (i.e. deposit) and withdrawal reports also provide a detailed audit trail for tracking the movement of individual seed lots.

We charge a small fixed annual fee to cover our storage and general administrative costs, and modest transaction fees to cover our costs of processing withdrawals for purposes such as seedling propagation, direct seeding, or transfers.