Seed Treatment

Most Australian native seeds have a dormancy mechanism which delays or interrupts germination until environmental conditions are favourable, or a disturbance event occurs. Dormancy occurs through physical or physiological means. Some seeds require no treatment at all, and germinate well naturally. Others require pre-treatment to replicate natural processes that break dormancy, and is usually undertaken prior to direct seeding or seedling propagation, assisting in the germination process, and increasing establishment rates.

We offer a range of in-house pre-treatment methods.  Individual species respond differently to the various pre-treatments available, and must be matched to the optimum method to maximise germination rates.  These include:

  • Aerosol smoke – using custom-made smoke tents and cabinets;
  • Scarification – by hand, or purpose built mechanical scarifier; and
  • Hot water treatment regimes.

In addition to treating seeds as part of our own normal revegetation activities, we also undertake contract seed pre-treatment for various clients.

Should you require a quotation for or advice about seed treatment, please contact us.